Karen, a nurse-practitioner and university professor, has served with MTW since 1995 in Mexico, Myanmar, Belize, Peru, China, Canada (with Cree Native Americans), Kenya, Bangladesh, and Trinidad. In 2007, God placed a burden on her heart for Cambodia, and she has served there since, in partnership with the church, educating Village Health Workers and instructing Khmer medical, nursing, and midwifery students and professionals in universities and hospitals. Cambodia’s medical staff and health-care infrastructure was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge during the late 1970s; only 30 physicians and 20 nurses survived the ordeal. Karen is helping Cambodia recover its healthcare system while spreading the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Steve came to Christ in 1985, and he’s studied God’s truth, mercy, and grace ever since. Ordained a Ruling Elder in the PCA (Presbyterian DSC_0989Church in America), he’s studied Greek and Hebrew, taught New and Old Testament studies, and written graduate and post-graduate courses for Miami International Seminary (MINTS). He’s served with Karen in Belize, Trinidad, and Cambodia. Cambodia is about 85% Buddhist: no god and no savior. Steve will work with the church teaching reformed theology to Khmer pastors and young-adults, and reaching out to the largely unbelieving village students Karen serves. Karen and Steve (widow & widower) were married in 2003. Between them, they have six married children who have given them 23 grandchildren.