Karen with children in a village in Chuuk province. This is a village where the parents have left to work in Thailand and in many cases never returned. They came to visit Karen after she finished teaching village health workers the Helping Babies Breathe course.


Karen has been serving in Cambodia since 2007. She is a family nurse practitioner and college professor and did her doctoral dissertation on  ”Implementation of a Village Health Worker Program in Rural Cambodia.” That placed a burden on her heart to see change come to the people by way of the gospel and medical ministry. She has been teaching and training medical, nursing and midwifery students and village health workers and educators using (CHE) Community Health Evangelism curriculum materials. Along with a pediatrician she launched an Under-Fives Clinic to improve the health of children under five years old. She is a trained team leader and part of an International Disaster Response Team for MTW.


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