Prayer for Cambodia

Pray for justice and healing from the Khmer Rouge genocide of the late 1970’s.
Pray for a display of God’s power and continued unprecedented growth within the Cambodian Church.

Prayer for Ministry Challenges

In teaching Khmer Pastors the fundamentals of leadership in the church, they have a hard time understanding plurality in leadership. They are used to a King (or Prime Minister or Village Chief) making decisions instead of a governing body making decisions together.
In teaching and mentoring medical students, nursing and midwifery students–they have a difficult time with medical terminology. Their medical teaching is often times poor because their teachers are not well educated (the Khmer Rouge killed off anyone with knowledge in 1975-79)
Khmer language is a very difficult language to learn
Barriers to sharing the gospel to Buddhists. A barrier includes the reality that many of their family members and neighbors are Buddhists. Becoming a Christian can feel like a betrayal of family and country.
**Cambodia Religion—82-83% Buddhist; Muslim–3.9%; Christian 3.1%; Ethnic religions (ex Chinese)- 8% Unreached people—71%

Personal Prayer for Steve & Karen

Prayer that God would raise up prayer and financial partners so that we could continue to answer His call to serve the people in Cambodia. Needed-$7,000/year in pledges and gifts before January 1, 2017.