New believers need discipling. They need churches, which need pastors and leaders, who need training.
The Cambodia Team is all about planting churches (its website is called “Planting Cambodia”). Thus, its three-fold mission is to equip Khmer pastors, disciple Khmer believers, and serve the Khmer church.
The Theological/Pastoral Team, on which Steve serves, is made up of the teaching and ruling elders on the Cambodia Team, and serves to provide pastoral and theological oversight to the church plants. It has organized a Church Planting Apprenticeship Program for the purpose of developing curricula and providing theological instruction. The program provides instruction to pastors and leaders, and the team guides pastors through their training to ordination. The team also presides over ordination exams.
The team intends to provide sound theology for the Khmer church, and teach good church government to the pastors and leaders. It intends for the pastors to pass on sound teaching to their respective congregations, and for pastors and leaders both to encourage their flocks to spread the good news of Christ our Lord and Savior. The team planted its first Khmer church in 2011. Since then, the church has planted two more in the villages, and more cells are blossoming in other villages: all shepherded by Khmer pastors and leaders.

Making disciples of all nations.