What would you do without medical care? What if you became severely ill and no one was there to help?

The Cambodian people long ago were deprived of their medical and health care when the Khmer Rouge destroyed the infrastructure and slaughtered nearly everyone with education including nurses and physicians. It’s not uncommon in rural Cambodia, today to find a child with diarrhea suffering from dehydration and even dying from it because no one is there to tell the mother that the child needs fluids.
Medical care anywhere in the world is first a mercy ministry; but second, in the developing world it’s about building relationships.
The Medical Team, on which Karen serves, brings relief to the people through community health initiatives, like the Village Health Worker program: teaching individuals how to recognize and treat common, preventable illnesses, and teaching them how to teach others. The team also serves medical needs and supports medical internships; all to bring care and good health practices to a people without. And through filling this dire need, the team develops relationships that allow for leading people to Christ. In fact, many of the team’s village students have come to know the Lord.

Fill a need, earn a trust, make a disciple for Christ