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A New Children’s Center

in Siem Reap Province   

 August 2017 

Orphaned children at Khmer Evangelica Church 

Khmer Evangelica Church has been caring for  children who are without homes or family. The children have come to the church one or two at a time over a long period. The church is not large, and doesn’t have a lot of resources; nevertheless, it has warmly  welcomed these orphans. The church was planted by Pastor Dy, the father-in-law of Srey Pov, one of Karen’s co-workers at Daughters of Cambodia. 


The village of Wat in Siem Reap province, nearly 400 km north of Phnom Penh.

We’ve written about Srey Pov in recent months. In March, she married Phearom whose father pastors Khmer Evangelica Church. The church is located in Siem Reap province, in the countryside not far from the small village of Wat (we visited the church in June, on Father’s Day). The small church was built on Pastor Dy’s family property, an area without electricity or running water. Phearom lives and works with his family and assists with the church. Srey Pov has been living and working in Phnom Penh, but she takes the bus to Wat

(an 8-hour ride)
about once a month (that’s all she can afford), and helps out with the church and the children. Very soon, she will join her husband permanently.

Srey Pov and Phearom on the site of their new home and children’s center

Srey Pov and Phearom have a heart for children. They’ve purchased a plot of land adjacent to the church, and have already begun clearing the land to build a house big enough to include a children’s center. They intend to house and care for

Srey Pov with her new laptop.

the children now living with Phearom’s family, as well as other children from the area who may become orphaned. Managing a children’s center will require material and funds that they don’t now have, but they’re relying on our big God who promises to supply needs. Fortunately, we were able to supply a much needed laptop that was donated to our ministry; they require it for record-keeping and communication in setting up and managing the new center.   

The small, but growing … Church.

Khmer Evangelica Church is growing. Church members frequently go house-to-house throughout the countryside, meeting families and sharing the gospel as they go. They’ve recently added many new believers, and have established several house churches across the area. People in this area are very poor, and the church often needs more than it has. Food is often the greatest need, for both the children and the community. Also, bibles and children’s materials are often in short supply. Yet, the church is eager to meet not only spiritual needs of the people, but also their physical needs — as God provides.

We’re praying that God provides Khmer Evangelica Church with resources to nourish new believers, and that Srey Pov and Phearom’s new house and children’s center may be completed and opened soon.


Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me. 
–Matthew 18:5  


“You’ve GotWhat in Your Eye?” 

Recently, a client (initials HB) came into the clinic at Daughters of Cambodia with a needle stick…in her eye! She had removed the needle, but was suffering from severe pain.

She works in the sewing room at Daughters. She had leaned forward to examine a stitch, and inadvertently met the needle “eye on.”


Fortunately, an ophthalmology team from

HB undergoing examination by an Australian ophthalmologist.

(Her face is hidden to protect her privacy)

Australia was working at a hospital just down the street from Daughters. Karen and Leno, a Khmer midwife on staff at Daughters, rushed the injured girl to the hospital. The team graciously examined HB’s eye and determined it was not a deep penetration, just a corneal abrasion – which is painful enough. Praise the Lord that her eye will heal normally.

HB, Dr. David, and Leno (on Daughters staff)

The Australian team had been invited to Cambodia by Khmer Sight Foundation. Khmer Sight is a Cambodian organization that travels around the countryside conducting eye screenings along with medical clinics. The organization regularly invites teams

from abroad to participate. Teams usually come with all their equipment to do screenings and surgeries, when necessary. Khmer Sight brings patients to Phnom Penh and performs surgeries — for example to correct cataracts and pterygiums — at no charge! Khmer Sight performs about 80 surgeries a week. Karen helped to arrange for Khmer Sight to do screenings in village areas where MTW Cambodia works.

We praise the Lord for the Khmer Sight Foundation and the teams from abroad who generously donate their time and resources for the well-being of the Khmer people.
“When did we see you sick…and visit you?” 
And the King will answer them,
“Truly, I say to you,  
as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers,
you did it to me.”
–Matt 25:39-40  
Prayer and Praise
Praise that HB’s eye injury was not as serious as first feared, and that she will heal normally. 

Praise for the spread of the gospel and the new believers around Khmer Evangelica Church
that Srey Pov and Phearom will be able to raise sufficient funds to finish building their house and children’s center soon.

Pray for the donation of at least two gently used laptops to our ministry; we frequently get requests for laptops from the Khmer we minister to.
Pray that an ophthalmology team from the U.S. would consider visiting Cambodia to join Khmer Sight in its efforts to serve the Khmer people.
Pray for our safe return to the U.S. next month to visit family, friends, and supporters.

We praise the Lord for you, our faithful supporters, without whose prayers and generosity this mission would not be possible. Thank you!

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Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which he has given you. –Deut 16:17

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We thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement to our ministry in Cambodia!
           — Steve & Karen McClure, Phil 4:13
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