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A big holiday – Water Festival

by Steve

  The Annual Water Festival 2nd Most Important Holiday in Cambodia   October 2017 Fireworks seen nightly during the Water Festival. For three days in November, the people of Cambodia all join in a festive celebration marking the end of the monsoon season. For the previous six months, the people have been drenched and flooded by […]

Pchum Ben- Ancestors’ Day    

by Steve

  Pchum Ben    Ancestors’ Day     September 2017 What a feast! Who’s it for? Surprisingly…not for the living!     Pchum Ben is called Ancestors’ Day. Actually, it’s 15 days (in ancient times, it lasted 3 months!) culminating with a 3-day celebration. This year the celebration falls on September 19-21 (it varies because it’s […]

A New Children’s Center in Siem Reap Province   

by Steve

  A New Children’s Center in Siem Reap Province     August 2017  Orphaned children at Khmer Evangelica Church  Khmer Evangelica Church has been caring for  children who are without homes or family. The children have come to the church one or two at a time over a long period. The church is not large, and […]

Address Change for McClure Donations!

by Steve

  Address Change for McClure Donations    July 2017 Hello, Everyone! For those of you who donate by check, please note that MTW has changed its donation address (this does not affect donations by credit card). This is especially important for those who have checks mailed automatically. The new address (below) already appears on the […]

Teaching in Cambodia

by Steve

  Teaching in Cambodia   July 2017 The apprenticeship class  As you might imagine, teaching in far-away places has its challenges. Cambodia is no different. Steve recently began teaching a rather lengthy course on the history of the Reformation — to Khmer pastors and pastoral interns (continuing education class); and to a group of young, potential […]

Christ Central Mission 2017 in Cambodia

by Karen

Today we traveled to Angke Jeay Village in Kampot Province to spend time and worship with Pastor Luke and Sokha who hosted Pastor In  and his team from California “Christ Central Mission 2017” that came to serve our team here in Cambodia. We were blessed to have Pastor In, preach from 1 John 2:15-17 and […]

An Answer to Prayer!

by Steve

  An Answer to Prayer!  Daughters of Cambodia        July 2017 Our recent newsletter followed up the sad story of two little girls (aged 4 and 8) who had been raped earlier this year. We just received the note below from Daughters, and felt you would like to read it for yourselves. God is […]

Prayer for Cambodia Elections

by Steve

  Elections in Cambodia        Vina, the wife of Pastor Sam At (of KCC – Khmer Christian Church) witnessing a campaign parade outside Easy Coffee, a shop supporting KCC. June 4th is election day in Cambodia – commune elections for representatives in the Parliament. Normally, everyone has to go back to their home […]

Weddings in Cambodia

by Steve

  Weddings in Cambodia        May 2017   Two of the loudest events in Cambodia are funerals and weddings. Music blares through large speakers, and can be heard far and wide. But weddings also are often quite glamorous. Weddings are all-day affairs, beginning in the wee hours of the morning when women spend […]

Prey Thom Village

by Steve

  Prey Thom Village      April 2017 School children in Prey Thom village Things are happening in Prey Thom! You may recall that Prey Thom is a village about 2.5 hours west of Phnom Penh, in Kampong Speu province. Khmer Christian Church (KCC) in Phnom Penh planted a house church in Prey Thom in […]